Akashic Records Readings

30 minutes of reading. Discover your Soul's purpose with the Akaschic Records readings.
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Your soul has a purpose. By accessing your personal Akashic Records, you can tap into your highest potential, receive clear guidance on how to create the life you desire, and discover your mission on Earth.

You can get advice on yourself, your purpose, or life issues. The Record Keepers are always providing information for your highest good and well-being, and they always do so with love.

The information is not being channeled. I have direct communication with Light Beings from the higher dimensions of Light. You receive the information that is most appropriate for you at this time, with the assistance of your Master, Teachers, and loved ones from the higher dimensions.

These are not psychic predictions.

Once you complete your purchase, please prepare 3 questions and email them to innergyarts@gmail.com and give me written permission to access your Records, include your first and last name.

I will schedule a meeting with you via Zoom or Skype. 30 minutes reading (3 questions)

If you like you may purchase 1 hour session ($200) and 5 questions.

Please aloud 4-5 days get a schedule time.

The Beings of Light begin to prepare you for the reading and the inner healing and guidance you will receive the moment you decide to do it.

All sales are final.

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