Awaken your Kundalini with Yoga Nidra!

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Guided meditation at 10 am on Saturday November 6th 2021
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Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation to enter a deep state of conscious relaxation. A safe path to awaken your kundalini.

This is an ancient yogic practice, also known as psychic sleep. It creates a profound state of relaxation and awareness simultaneously.

During the practice of Yoga Nidra the brain wave activity slows the alpha and theta waves inducing a deep state of relaxation, reducing anxiety, improving sleep, promoting healing, regenerating, and repairing the cells of your body.

The meditation will be in person at the center, Sonia will guide you for the duration of the meditation. We will start promptly at 10 am on Saturday.

Each session will start with a short instruction and breathing.

No previous requisite is necessary; anyone of any age may do the practice. The meditation will approximate 30-45 minutes.

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