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Reiki helps with concentration and has a calming effect. Young adults 14 years old and up are also welcome to learn Reiki.
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Reiki has a calming effect and helps the self-healing process caused by physical, mental, or emotional stress.

Empower your life! Learn to access the life force within you!

Classes are two days Saturday and Sunday September 18th-19th from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. In First Degree Reiki you will learn the hand positions, traditional Japanese techniques, and receive the permanent attunement to the Reiki Rei.

Registration deadline September 8th. Space is limited to 4 persons.

During the attunement, the Rei or Universal Life Force Energy will make adjustments to your chakras.

You will also learn ancient movements and breathing techniques from the Tibetan Reiki teachings, to increase the flow of energy within your body.

Reiki is a spiritual technique and spiritual path that promotes healing. Through centuries this healing modality (like many others) has been protected and kept secret; only monks were able to learn it. It was believed that people were not ready for it; monks were afraid it was going to be changed and used inappropriately!

Do not worry if you have never tried it before. Reiki is in you; you will be re-candling a forgotten way of being.

Preregistration required.

You must pre-register, space is limited! Once we receive your registration additional information will be sent to you via email.

No prerequisites are required.

Young adults 14 years old and up are also welcome to learn Reiki.

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