Tibetan Palm Healing

Learn to restore your physical balance through the activation of the spiritual centers.
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Tibetan Palm Healing or Tibetan Raku Key energy is an ancient temple and monastery teaching, the teachings were handed down from Master to students to ensure the purest form.

Everything in life has its energy vibration created by the electromagnetic emanation from sounds, colors, thoughts, etc. Our body has its electromagnetic signature. If our body energy or Chi is not flowing through the Nadis or energetic conduits we may feel out of balance. When the imbalance persists the body responds with illness, pain, or disease.

The Tibetan Palm Healing focuses on restoring the delicate physical balance through the activation of the spiritual centers.

It is through daily practice that we obtain changes in the physical body and most important in our spiritual evolution.

During the workshop you will experience and learn:

-Buddha Palm 1
-Activation of Raku energy
-5 pranic colors for healing
-Self Healing
-Meditation to increase the energy, Golden Light
-Healing of others

The workshop is for 2 full days. You will experience and learn how to activate the flow of energy in your body. You will receive the attunement, a manual and a certificate of completion.
Pre-registration is required.

May 14th and 15th, 2022. The workshop will start from 9.30 am to 5 pm on both days.

Pre-Registration required by May 10th, 2022: $70 non-refundable.

Email for more information and to request a registration form.

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