Innergy Healing Arts Academy

Are you ready to develop your spiritual abilities?

If you feel compelled to help others, to heal yourself and your loved ones, learning healing techniques will increase the power within you!

Learn Usui Reiki; Reiki is an ancient healing technique for modern times that has been medically proven to reduce blood pressure, lower respiration and heart rates, and reduce stress.

Reiki is a sweet loving, universal energy that will empower you.

Discover who you are as a spiritual being with no judgment or criticism.

Reiki Level I

Reiki Level II

Reiki Level III

Reiki Level Master/Teacher

Reiki classes are a two-day workshop for each level, including a manual and a Reiki certificate for each level.


Raku Key Tibetan Palm Healing

Tibetan Palm Healing focuses on restoring the delicate physical balance through the activation of the spiritual centers.

With daily practice, you shall obtain changes in the physical body and most important in your spiritual evolution.

Raku key Tibetan Healing Palm level I Tibetan Palm Healing

Raku Key Tibetan Healing Palm Level II

Raku key Tibetan Healing Palm classes are a two-day workshop.

You will receive extensive instructions and hands-on to develop the sensitivity to feel and see your energy.

We have monthly recurring classes, book studies, and Guided meditations, in English, Spanish and Italian.

-Heal your body and mind with sounds, hand mudras, and colors.

-Activate your Merkaba

– Body of Light meditation.

-Sacred Feminine Energy Flow.

Tibetan Lhama Yoga

Seichim Living Light Energy

Unlock the Power of Living Light Energy.

Seichim, also known as Living Light Energy, is a powerful Tibetan system that connects you to the energy of the universe. This ancient practice holds the key to unlocking your inner wisdom and promoting holistic healing.

By undergoing the initiation process, you activate the energy centers of your heart, head, and hands. This opens the door to a balanced flow of energy that runs like a river through your body, nourishing and rejuvenating every cell. This “river of energy” contains powerful symbols, sounds, and energies that have been carefully guarded secrets for centuries.

Immerse yourself in the world of Seichim and experience the profound benefits it has to offer. Whether you are looking to deepen your spiritual practice, heal physical or emotional wounds, or simply want to expand your consciousness, Seichim has something to offer.

Magnified Healing®

At this time of changes in earth’s vibration, we have the opportunity to increase our awareness and our vibration to be transported in a smooth easy way into the new era of Divine Love and compassion.

-Magnified Healing 1st Phase.

-Magnified Healing Celebration.MagnifiedHealing® Celebration Ceremony

-Magnified Healing Phase 3

-Magnified Healing Celebration


-Introduction to Spirituality

-Introduction to Sacred Geometry

-Ascension Chair Ceremony

-Activate your DNA-RNA with Sacred Codes


-Activate your kundalini safely with Yoga Nidra


Innergy Healing Arts CenterInnergy Healing Arts

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The techniques we teach are not intended to diagnose or prescribe; in no way should they be considered a substitute for licensed healthcare professionals.

You the practitioner/student accept full responsibility and accountability for any life changes that may occur as a result of learning and practicing this transformational material.


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