Learn how to use the Violet Flame of Transmutation

The Violet Flame workshop is for you who like to learn more about how to transmute negativity into opportunities, change negative energy into positive energy, darkness into light, destiny into opportunity.

Whether you are a Reiki practitioner, a teacher, or a healer of other modalities, the instruction will help you intensify the healing power of your sessions.

During this interactive training session, you will learn, how to use the Violet Flame of transmutation, for personal healing, the healing of others, and the healing of the earth.

It gives you the possibility of solving problems, healing situations, balancing and healing your


activating the violet flame on hands

Active Violet Flame on hands

Chakras, heal mental or spiritual blockages that afflict you.
The Violet Flame has the power to erase or transmute the cause, effect, and even the memory of our past mistakes.
Used for spiritual alchemy and transmutation, the Violet Flame has long been revered as a powerful form of protection. Transmutation means to change from one form, nature, substance, or state to another.
In this class you will learn:

  1. The story of the Violet Flame.
  2. About the Beings of Light that sponsor the Violet Flame.
  3. Powerful invocations to connect with the Violet Flame.
  4. Exercises to clear your energy field.
  5. Exercises to center yourself and the client.
  6. Clean energetically your space, home, etc.
  7. A wide variety of ways to use the Violet Flame.
  8. You will receive an attunement to permanently activate the Flame within you.

The Violet Flame is a Spiritual Fire or Light from the higher Spiritual realms of Light.