Healing with Sounds and Mudras

Mudras are special hand positions that have been used for centuries as a way of communication, they have special properties and benefits when performed correctly. When you combine sounds with mudras the health benefits increases as well as your spiritual awareness. Mudra is a Sanskrit term with many meanings like gesture, mark, or seal.

 Specific sounds or Mantras have the property to increase the vibration in your body. Learning to use sounds, colors and mudras may increase your vitality improving well being. We will be practicing movements; each person will be able to experience how the sound waves and vibrations work in our own body and mind.

7 pm to 8.30 pm


Sonia Guadagnin Terrosa from Innergy Healing Arts Academy

Advanced Reiki Master/Teacher. Seichim 4th Degree; Tibetan Reiki Teacher 7th Degree; Magnified Healing 3th Phase.

Email for registration: innergyarts@gmail.com

Inner healing arts
The techniques we teach are not intended to diagnose or prescribe; in no way should they be considered as a substitute for licensed health care professionals.
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