Reiki Universal Healing

Reiki is the universal, all-encompassing Healing Energy.

Reiki healing Innergy Healing Arts

Reiki healing Innergy Healing Arts Academy

Master Sonia Guadagnin

Your Instructor

This is an amazing opportunity to reactivate the Divine healing power within. When learning Reiki, the dormant universal energy contained in our DNA is awakened.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual technique and a spiritual path that promotes healing. Through centuries, this healing modality (like many others) has been protected and kept secret; only monks were able to learn it. It was believed that people were not ready for it; monks were afraid it was going to be changed and misused!

What you will learn

In First Degree Reiki, the student will learn the hand positions and traditional Japanese techniques and will also be permanently attuned to the Reiki Rei.

During this attunement, the Rei, or Universal Life Force Energy, will make adjustments in the student’s chakras and energy pathways to accommodate the ability to channel Reiki for the healing of themselves and others. You will also learn ancient movements to increase the feeling of the energy flowing.

What to expect during the workshop.

At the workshop, you will learn about the history of Reiki.

You will receive four attunements that will permanently awaken and imprint the Reiki energy in your DNA.

You will learn how to feel the flow of energy and direct the healing rays with specific hand positions and movements. You will receive a manual that will provide a great deal of information, plus handouts. Each participant will receive specific instructions on how to give Reiki and will experience the healing power. You will receive a Reiki I certification, allowing you to continue your Reiki studies.

Classes are held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Once we receive your registration, additional information will be sent to you via email.

Pre-registration is required. The materials, book, and certification need to be ready on the day of the workshop.

Please email me as soon as possible to receive your registration form and additional information at

“No prerequisite; – All are welcome.”


your teacher

Sonia Reiki Master

Sonia Guadagnin Terrosa
Advanced Reiki Master Teacher


Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner

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The techniques we teach are not intended to diagnose or prescribe; in no way should they be considered a substitute for licensed health care professionals.