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The first one is an introduction to:” How to meditate” for someone that has never adventure into the meditation.

Meditation could be scary or overwhelming if you have never done it. The practice of meditation brings many advantages to the practitioner, from relaxation to calmness and a new perception of how life evolves for each of us.

Meditation takes us into a path of self-discovery a path into the deepest of our true self and to get to know who we really are it is always difficult.

Meditation is also rediscovering the child within us the one that is ready to laugh and to immerse him/her self into a new adventure. To have fun with the smallest and most insignificant thing, to be free of preconceived notions.

Meditation does not need to be a serious deal at list not when we start.

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Meditation for Self Healing

Practice and make it fun, you are pampering yourself.

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