Innergy Healing Podcast about Spirituality and Meditation

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I started the podcast about meditation and spirituality intending to help and inspire you to start your journey into the spiritual path.

It is a podcast for you!


A podcast to make you feel confident and empowered on your spiritual journey. Feeling free to ask questions,

Are you ready to start your new adventure into a relaxed and joyful life?


Meditation is your path to self-discovery a path into your inner being, your true self. As a result, you get to know who you are!

Meditation is for you!

With meditation, you may rediscover the child within, the one that is ready to laugh and to immerse him/herself into a new adventure. To have fun with the smallest and most insignificant thing, to be free of preconceived notions, not being afraid of what life brings.

Do not feel overwhelmed you can do it.

After meditation, you will be relaxed, calm, with a new perception of life.

It is always an honor and a privilege to assist you in your path of enlightenment and spiritual advancement.

In the podcast, you will find guided meditations, information about spirituality, breathing, etc.

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I am open to suggestions and request for specific meditations and classes/workshops or podcast just email us: innergyarts@gmail.com

Meditation for Self Healing

Pamper yourself with meditation!

Meditation is a powerful tool you have at your service to heal yourself, to unlock the wonders of your soul, and more.

Through meditation, you can be in touch with your higher self, remove blockages in your chakras, heal the inner child.

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Listen to:
 Innergy Heling podcast https://innergyhealingarts.com/podcast-episodes