The Angelic Kingdom


Innergy Healing Arts Academy


Introduction to Spirituality.

Spirituality is different from spiritualism. It is the practice of cultivating a spiritual attitude based upon the belief in God and individual Self or Soul and the possibility of liberation or self-realization through the practice of yoga and other methods.

A truly spiritual person is one who:

1. Believes in the existence of Self or innermost Self (I AM Presence).

2. Accepts it as his true Self.

3. Identifies himself with it all the time.

4. Lives and acts as if he/she is the Self, not his mind and body.

5. Dwells deep within himself to understand the true nature of his existence.

6. Does not see any difference between himself and the rest of the creation.

This is the first class of a series to learn about spirituality and the different kingdoms. This is not about religion.
Join us and experience the joy and love the angels have to share…Connect with your guardian angel.

What you will learn:

.Learn about angels
.Meditation to the Healing Temple of Archangel Metatron

During the meditation, you will be guided into a temple to receive healing and guidance. Each one attending has a different experience and receives different spiritual gifts. Each spiritual gift is given with unconditional love from the Angels.

The Master and Angels are here to help, we need to acknowledge their presence. Experience the vibration of the angels.

Due to the current situation, the class is offered via zoom. After you register I will send you a link to the class

 Innergy Healing Arts  Academy