Healing with the Archangels

Healing with the Archangels: Michael, Metatron, and Melchizedek.

Healing with the Archangels is a unique experience that will change you!

You have the power to ask the Archangels to assist you.

Learn how to use the energy of love from the Archangels to create a powerful shield around you, not only to protect you but also to be in harmony with your world. During the workshop, you will feel the powerful energy and love of the angels and Archangels.

The Angels and Archangels are spiritual beings of light, always ready to assist if we ask.

Furthermore you will:

-Receive individual assistance from the Archangels
-Increase your healing power
These beings of Light are ready to assist you in your healing or your daily life.

As a Reiki practitioner or healer of any modality having them at your side will increase the power of your healing, furthermore, your work will bring forward the energy of the Archangels.

During the class you will:
-Experience each Archangel’s energyArchangel Melchizadek
-Get to know their Sacred Names
-Guided meditation to receive healing

Archangels are ethereal beings, spiritually perfect, created by God at the dawn of time for the purpose of being his servants and messengers. They have always and forever contemplated the face of God, are ready to rush to his every command, as attentive listeners and executors of His Word.

The class will be via Zoom.
If you are interested to take the class please message me or email me to reserve your spot

The three  Archangels are in charge of the earth, assisting and helping humanity only if you ask them to intervene!

The class will be on Saturday, February 6th from 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM. or longer if necessary.  You will receive a confirmation after you purchase your ticket, and a private link to the zoom class the day before.

Please register not later than February 1st, 2021.

The class may be paid with Paypal or Zelle.
Email me at innergyarts@gmail.com

 Innergy Healing Arts  1205 N Federal Hwy, Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460           innergyarts@gmail.com

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