Light Healing” Practitioners workshop.

Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of Master Lady Kwan Yin, we were given access to the energy and wisdom of the Archangel Melchizedek.

We were introduced to an enhanced cosmic approach to healing and wholeness. The ‘Light Healing’ Practitioner workshop is presented to facilitate the reprogramming of the physical body and all subtle bodies into a spiritual body of Light. It is an expression of unconditional love from God Most High.

Kuan Yin
your teacher

                         Sonia Your Instructor


Innergy Healing Arts Academy

Classes are taught in English. They may be offered in Spanish or Italian with manuals in the corresponding languages upon request.

The raising of the vibration of the Magnified Healing energy, the initiating of the energy of the Sevenfold Flame of the Elohim, and the activation of the Cosmic Violet Fire of Light co-create the Laser rays which form the sacred geometries that are used in this healing process.

What is the 3rd phase?

This healing modality is presented only to those who have been practicing Magnified Healing with perseverance, integrity, and unconditional love.

These teachings will give us the tools and the skills to develop the use of two intense “Laser Lights.”

A Broad Laser Beam that is used to scan, clear, transmute and fill with perfection.

A Fine Point Laser Beam is used to extract and transplant. 

This “Light” process can be used for self and others, present or absent, transplants, healing of the earth, genetic diseases, and contagious diseases (including past and future generations).

-The Golden Christ Energy also treats the subtle bodies, releasing old thought forms, habits, and belief systems while stabilizing and actively sealing new patterns.

Magnified Healing ‘Light Healing’ is an advanced practitioner’s tool. The pre-requisite is to be Initiated in Magnified Healing 1st Phase at least 4 months before the 3rd Phase workshop and do the practice of Magnified Healing for 11 continuous days in preparation for this workshop. The Celebration workshop is not a prerequisite to the 3rd Phase Practitioner workshop but is a prerequisite to the 3rd Phase ‘Light Healing’ Master Teacher Training workshop.

The registration deadline is always at least two weeks before the event to allow for the mailing of manuals and certificates from the Magnified Healing office.

Class:          Contact me for dates.                        from 9 Am to 5 PM

The techniques we teach are not intended to diagnose or prescribe; in no way should they be considered as a substitute for licensed health care professionals. 

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La Tercera Fase – Taller para Practicantes de ‘Sanación de Luz’ (3ra Fase)

Requisito: haber tomado la primera fase de Magnified Healing por lo menos 4 meses antes de este taller.

A través de la inspiración del Espíritu Santo y la guía de la Maestra Kwan Yin, se nos dio acceso a la energía y la sabiduría del Arcángel Melquisedec.

El taller para practicantes de ‘sanación con luz’ se presenta para facilitar la reprogramación del cuerpo físico y todos los cuerpos sutiles en un cuerpo espiritual de Luz. Es una expresión de amor incondicional de Dios Altísimo.

Estas enseñanzas nos darán las herramientas y la habilidad para desarrollar el uso de dos intensas “luces láser”

-Un haz de láser ancho que se utiliza para escanear, borrar, transmutar y rellenar con perfección.
– Un rayo láser de punta fina que se utiliza para extraer y trasplantar.

Esta clase se presenta solo a aquellos que han estado practicando Magnified Healing con perseverancia, integridad y amor incondicional.

El requisito previo debe iniciarse en la primera fase de Magnified Healing al menos 4 meses antes del taller de la tercera fase y practicar el proceso de Magnified Healing durante 11 días continuos en preparación para este taller.

 Innergy Healing Arts Academy