Celebration, photo by Sonder Marketing      Presented by Rev. Gisèle King, co-founder of Magnified Healing®,  Rev. Sonia Terrosa, and other Magnified Healers

Magnified Healing® Celebration incorporates sacred geometry, breath,
sound, color, motion, and affirmations. The Light, Love, and Healing we
create together becomes a never before experience unit of ONENESS.
Rev. Sonia Terrosa and other Magnified Healers

Everyone is invited to attend and
participate in the Celebration (a Joyous Healing Ceremony)!

Let us create a momentous rhythm of healing, prayers, affirmations, and energy to benefit us, as individuals and as a group, and bring Peace to humanity and the Earth!


Bring your crystals or stones, pictures of loved ones in need of healing, Kwan Yin statue or other objects to be placed on the altar for blessing and empowerment.

Children need to be 14 years or over to attend.
Offering: $20
innergyarts@gmail.com (you may contact Sonia here for English, Spanish or Italian)

Déjanos crear un ritmo importante de sanación, oraciones,afirmaciones y energía para nuestro beneficio como individuos y como un grupo, y traer Paz a la humanidad y la Tierra!

Workshop prerequisite: Practicante de Magnified Healing 1a Fase.

Nuestro regalo a la comunidad! Trae a tu familia y amigos a la Ceremonia. Abierto a todos los mayores de 14 años.

Healing Celebration

Celebration Ceremony photo by Sonder Marketing

photo by Sonder Marketing


photo by Sonder Marketing



Celebration photo by Sonder Marketing

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