Learn to access the life force.

Through an initiation procedure energy centers of the head; heart and hands are activated. The students access a balance “Sea of Energy” through the ancient system of advance healing symbols and sounds.

The ability to do Reiki it is encoded in our DNA system it has being a closely guarded secret through the ages.

Reiki is a major force in the evolution of the people of this planet.

Learn Reiki and be re attuned to heal your DNA and re connect with the “Light”

Reiki is an ancient healing technique for modern times that it has been medically proven to reduce blood pressure, lower respiration and heart rates and reduces stress. Improve your life with Reiki, learning this modality will change your life in many ways. The world perception will change in you. We are at the beginning of a new era and it is important to be prepare physically, mentally but most of all spiritually. Get in touch with our own reality that is Love.

Reiki is a sweet loving, universal energy that will empower you. You will discover who you really are with no judgement and or criticism.

You will receive a manual, most of all you will get a personal instruction, a human connection that no book can give you. Classes are very practical and personal; do not worry about feeling the energy of Reiki. With very specific movements and meditations you will be receiving the healing current and it will be very clear and strong. Do not worry if you have never try it before. Reiki it is in you; you will be re-candling a forgotten way of been.

Empower your life!  Learn to access the life force with in you!