Innergy Healing Arts

My name is Sonia.

During my youth years, I was thirsty for knowledge but not the kind you receive in a regular school setting.

Life brought love and pain, giving me a profound understanding of compassion and sorrow at different levels but joy and happiness as well.

When the children got older I was ready to start the path for which I came to this plane.

I studied Reiki and got my certification as a Reiki Master Teacher.

I adventure into the teachings of The Red Road for a few years with a Lakota elderly and built my own ceremonial drum.

In my search for the Reiki and other healing energies, I trained to read the Akashic records, to use crystals and Sacred Geometry for healing and spiritual advancement.

I was blessed to be trained and initiated by Master Goswamy Sunyata Saraswati of the Trishu Shambala Tibetan Raku Lingka empowered by Tsampa Yeshe Norbu Rimpoche, Nepal.

Master Sunyata has empowered me as a Tibetan Reiki Vajra gTummo Raku Kei teacher and practitioner of the 7th degree, Seichim, Lama Yoga 4th degree.

I am a Magnified Healing® Master teacher of the 1st, 3d  phase, Magnified Healing Master Teacher/ facilitator for Celebration.

Now after years of training in different healing modalities the time has arrived to share my knowledge. I am very grateful for the teachers and Masters that have brought Light to my life.

My studies and research on advancing spiritually will never stop.

At this moment of earth transition into higher energy, it is very important that we educate and train our self to be able to ascend into a 5th – or higher dimensional plane.

It is my duty to help and teach others to reach their highest potential. Only with practice and dedication, we will change.

It is my profound and humble hope that students in search of their spiritual path will be able to receive from me as much as they need.

It is my duty as a healer, teacher, and student to share what I know.

 I dedicate my work to my dear teachers Master Sunyata Saraswati, and Giselle King.