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Magnified Healing® Online 1st Phase Review and Advance Studies

This is an incredible opportunity to review the practice of the 1st phase, we will be exploring the sacred and profound teachings on the Geometry of the 1st phase, the Sacred names as well as the Five Higher Bodies.

Esta es una increible oportunidad de repasar la  practica de la 1a fase aprofundizando sobre la Geometria Sagrada de la 1a fase, los Cinco Cuerpos Superiores y los Nombres Sagrados.

Questa è un’incredibile opportunità per rivedere la pratica della 1a fase, esploreremo gli insegnamenti profondi sulla Geometria Sacra della prima fase i Nomi Sacri e i Cinque Corpi superiori.


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As healers, we have many tools available to enhance our work. It is very important to create a sacred space not only for the healing process of the client but also for our own well being and protection.

Innergy Healing Arts