Within all of us resides energies centers called chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for vortexes of energy.

Even if Chakras are not visible in our physical body they shape and generate our body and influence our mind and emotions.
To understand their qualities and functions is to understand the different stages of our spiritual path and development.

Chakras are not visible to the eyes and that is one of the reasons why medical science is not recognizing it. The Chakras are as real as any of the organs of the body. In order to perceive them, you need to evolve spiritually as well. In order to detect your chakras, you need to train your ability to perceive your bioenergy. Chakras are depicted as round circles in certain places of the body; their shape is more like a cone attached to the spine.

There are 7 major chakras in the body.

-Learn the location and function of each chakra.
-How to unblock your chakras.
-How to increase the vital flow of energy.
–How to attune deeply into astral energies with the breath, colors, sounds, and movements.

The class is divided into 8 blocks given as a series of 2 hours each.

In the last class, we will revise all chakras, their functions, and go through a meditation to activate the 8th chakra.

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