Higher Dimensions 6th -12th

Dimensions of reality.

Dimensions of reality or consciousness are different levels of vibration.
From the 6th to the 12th dimensions we will briefly explore each of them from a spiritual point of view.
Do you know in which dimension your consciousness resides?
Each dimension is like a universe in itself.


Do you know that you can be in different dimensions at the same time? It is all about your state of vibration, your state of awareness.
The higher dimensions are the places where Ascended Masters like Lady Master Kuan Yin, Isis, Ganesh, etc exist.
It is said that when Christ was on earth he was acting from the 7th dimension. His physical body was on our planet but his Spirit was working on the 7th dimension.
Understand that you can and are capable of achieving the awareness of higher planes in this life.
Being in unconditional love, integrity, compassion for self and others is the key to starting to vibrate at higher frequencies.  You are the master of yourself, capable to do miracles if you so desire.
Raising your vibration is the key to change and elevate your consciousness to higher vibrations or dimensions. You have the power to do it!