One of the most harmful effects of anger is that it robs us of our reason and good sense. We loose all freedom of choice exposing our self to great danger following revenge and rage.

Sometimes we even direct our anger to our loved ones.  In a fit of anger we forget the immense kindness we have received from our friends; teachers and family. Generally we assume that our anger is the response of an action or encountering some one we do not like or a situation we do not like; in truth, more often than not it is the opposite. The anger that is already within us is transforming the person or situation in an enemy. It is very important that we recognize the cause of whatever is making us unhappy; blaming others for our difficulties tells us that we have many problems and faults within our own mind.

If we are truly peaceful inside and in control of our mind nothing will disturb our peace and no one we meet will be our enemy. Dwell in patience; remain calm and untroubled smile and treat every one with respect. This is not an impossible task.

Practice with sincerity knowing that you have the power to change, starting with you, the world.

Imagine a world of peace and harmony will be the result of controlling anger!

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