The Universal Law of Spirituality


As humans, our purpose is to evolve, to advance into a higher consciousness developing love and compassion for self and others. Knowing or understanding the Universal Laws accelerates our knowledge and understanding of our mission on earth as eternal beings of light.<div

The universe is governed by fundamental laws; the laws of nature are the ones discoverable by science.
There are more subtle laws and universal rules that relate to the spiritual planes, to the inner realm of consciousness.
Our mind is powerful; being mindful of these laws and their application may change your life

  • The Law of Abundance
  • The Law of Action
  • The Law of Akasha
  • The Law of Analogy
  • The Law of Ascension

In school, we are thought of physical laws, the laws that govern the material universe, here we will adventure into the spiritual realm.

What are Spiritual Laws?

Spiritual laws as the physical laws do not differentiate between age, credo, color, or how poor or reach we are. Spiritual laws are the same for everyone.

These are the first five of many more.