The Ascension Chair Ceremony


The Ascension Chair is a sacred ceremony as it was done in Lemuria. It is a gift to the Earth and humanity from the heart of beloved Master St. Germain, who is the ascended master of the 7th Sacred Flame: The Violet Flame of Transmutation.

The Ascension Chair contains the frequencies of the pure white “Light of the Ascension Flame”. It is a tool to assist the raising of the participant’s vibration of ascension. The ascension of the vibration is done gently and gradually. It affects and helps not only the people participating in the group, but also it creates a web of Light touching almost the entire planet.

A special meditation will begin at the start of the ceremony. During the ceremony, each participant sits in turn on the chair and declares his/her intention or desire for raising the vibration and ascension.
You may bring your own crystals with you.
Please wear white clothing for the ceremony.

The Ceremony takes place once a month at the center.

Light Spiral
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