Life Force or Chi Energy


Legacy teachings

Energy is all around us, within us. Learn to activate the powerful universal force to heal yourself and empower your life.
Everything in life has its energy vibration created by the electromagnetic emanation from sounds, colors, thoughts. 

With your breath, you bring in a cosmic energy that circulates through your body.

If our body energy or Chi is not flowing through the energetic conduits we may feel out of balance.
Activate and direct the prana or chi with your breath to heal yourself.

Chi or Prana is the life force contained in every cell, in every life form.

Prana or Chi is part of Hindu, Ayurvedic, Hatha Yoga, and Tantric Yoga traditions, but similar references to the “life force” are seen in the Chinese principle of chi.

The ancient yogis knew that there was much more in our human vessel than what is visible. Prana or Chi is the great dissolver of old pain and

energy that does not serve us. Working with our Chi or Prana we can

activate powerful internal energy to connect with the Divine universal power.

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